EuroGamer have taking a look at one of the most talked-about GameCube games there is. Due out this month in Japan, Super Smash Brothers Melee is the follow-up to the N64's only decent beat 'em up, and a nostalgia fest to boot. Here's a snippet:

    "Interestingly, Nintendo have overhauled the defence system rather than going all out with new attacking moves. You can now deflect, block and evade attacks. Each is character-specific in its interpretation - for instance Mario uses his cape to deflect attacks - but this improves the basic level of combat. You can now sidestep attacks too, allowing you to really beat the stuffing out of your confused opponent once he has stumbled past. SSBM's inventory of items is much more impressive than its predecessor's too. There are lots of stage-specific items as before, including things like blocks of ice and a parasol (guess which platform darling wields that)."