We knew that Yoshi is coming to Switch, but we had no idea how the game would be called. Well, now we do - "Yoshi's Crafted World". Remember the name!

How did we find out? Well, someone already took a snapshot via Nintendo Wire and, to be honest, it looks very legit to us. According to this leak, the game is supposed to come out in 2019 which is identical to what we already know (as Nintendo already confirmed it). So, yeah, it doesn't look fake. Not at all.

Ever since the game was initially revealed back in 2017, we didn't really get a lot of information about it. We did see some screenshots, but nothing more than that. Although, yeah, they do look really cool (but, what else do you expect from a Yoshi game?). We will see what the final product will look like, but I think we can expect another top-quality platformer from Nintendo, that's for sure.

Let's see if the next Nintendo Direct will give us more information. For now, we have enough to, at least, speculate!