The iconic beat-em-up franchise is making headlines yet again! Dotemz have announced that Streets of Rage 4 is currently well underway when it comes to development. We don't know what platforms it will hit, but who cares really (at least at this point)? All it matters right now is that we know that the game is coming and we have plenty of time to prepare for its arrival.

The plot of the fourth game will continue where the third left off - Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding will once again be in the spotlight and we will get a bunch of new stages, mechanics, and plenty of new gameplay elements. Oh, and the visuals will be entirely hand-drawn which will allow us to immerse ourselves into the game pretty much instantly.

We expect to see the core mechanics intact, but we certainly expect that the innovations will be well worth the try. Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games are the ones holding the wheel here so we hope that they won't mess up!

Until we can all have a proper blast from the past, take a look at this amazing reveal trailer: