Call of Cthulhu surely appears to be quite a scary game but, guess what, the trailer is even a good way, that is.

Focus Home Interactive gave us a very intensive gameplay trailer that focuses on an old war veteran (and a long-term alcoholic), Edward Pierce. Our hero (if we can call him like that) sets off to solve the mysterious murders of the Hawkins family. The road leads him into a spooky mansion...and that's where things become serious...and scary.

Other than being scary, the gameplay trailer does show some exciting things as well. We can see some amusing investigative elements and some monsters that are actually interesting to look at. So, the trailer is definitely worth looking at it!

The game is coming out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 30 (what a date, huh?). Before you prepare for an unforgettable watch the trailer....with caution, of course.