As UbiSoft confirmed today, Dead Living Zombies DLC will go live on August 28 and it will hit all three platforms simultaneously (Xbox One, PS4 and PC).

You will cooperate with a guy called Guy Marvel who seeks to produce some "epic zombie saga" ...but by using your back. Namely, you will have to slay countless monstrosities across several different scenarios to make his vision come true. One of these scenarios is actually a "Romeo and Juliet" remake. But, as you may expect, instead of being a romantic charmer, Romeo is now a full-blown walking corpse that should be silenced as soon as possible. It sounds fun and scary at the same time and, well, rightfully so.

Dead Living Zombie will technically be a third Far Cry DLC (the first two were Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars respectively). If it happens to be at least half as great, we are definitely going to have a blast here!