I have not played Madden in a couple of years, so jumping back on really made it to where I had to learn and relearn how to play. With all the new techniques and the all new Real Player Motion and Enhanced Control, it was a task. Having to cram all that in, in a couple of days was exhausting. The outcome was smiles from ear to ear when I made touchdowns and juked other players.

My Ultimate Team:

MUT is an optional mode to pretty much create your own ultimate team. By completing missions given, you will gain rewards such as NFL players from the past to the present, team uniforms and jerseys become available so when you get far enough it will look like your own unique team and would be hard to tell if you didn’t follow Football, to tell if the team was original. The great thing about MUT is that if you haven’t played for a while, like me, then it is basically a tutorial on how to. You will go through the most basic controls to the most advanced. By doing all of this you are accumulating a lot of different things like, training points, in game currency that you can use to buy NFL player packs and ultimate player packs and so forth. This mode will teach you how to level up players and how to make your chemistry match and from that chemistry gain a bonus amongst the players. For instance, if you have 5 players from the Green Bay Packers, then you will gain chemistry levels. These teams and formations vary at first because you do not start off with a lot of player cards. With a little bit of practice and play, you’ll have more than enough.

The Longshot 2:

You guessed it, The Longshot 2 is the second part to The Longshot, which can be found in Madden NFL 18. The Longshot is basically a story line / campaign mode in Madden. Just like every other story mode, you have cut scenes and a story to follow. This story follows a hopeful quarterback Devin Wade and his friend Colt, a receiver to be drafted into the NFL. I will not go much into this because I do not want to get anything wrong, but I am sure if your reading this than you follow Madden and know the first story in Madden 18. Great concept and cool that they added a little more to the game other than play modes, but not my style.


When Xbox One X enhanced, I have nothing but great things to say about video games. Although, in this case, the graphics were not spectacular. Really good graphics, yes, but great, I do not think so. I have a 55” LG 4K TV, so I know I’m pulling the right bits and power to procure amazing graphics. When the game starts up it gives you EA’s very own gameplay to show players the detail in all its splendor. However, it seemed choppy and gritty. When in the actual game the graphics are no less than good, you will see some spots in the background that would suggest the fact that something needs to be done about this mishap. Madden is one of the games that a lot of people look forward to getting and hearing about and is also the lead when it comes to graphics, so what is it that makes Madden NFL 19 not so great? I am sure we will here something over the course of this month that will explain this inconvenience.

Control and Handling:

Awesome! Real Player Motion is fantastic. The speed of the players, catching and dropping the ball along with sacks and tackles, very smooth indeed. When running it may seem like you are going slow, but keep in mind that it all depends on which player you are choosing to throw the ball to and who may be running it. My step son is a big sports fanatic and he was telling me how some of his friends found it harder to play since RPM was introduced. When any of us encounter something different we tend to think like that. A little practice goes a long way. I feel like I can take on an AI, but not so sure about another player. That is progress because I couldn’t even throw the ball at first and now I am making touchdowns and making plays. More control over your character gives you more options to play with and insert your own style to your game.


With millions invested into this game how can the audio not be great. One thing that I noticed is when you are playing MUT, the commentator talks to you as the player directly as you win or lose. I really enjoyed that content. Sounds of the hits, the running on the grass, the breaks all are very clear. Very positive outcome.


Let us part with another great review and great game. I have mentioned before that I have never bashed a studio or their games for fun, never. I only give my insight from being a veteran gamer with experience to back up what I write. I liked this game a lot and will continue to play and get better. I used to play sports games a lot when I was younger and lost the fun and excitement that came with the competition or just very simply making a touchdown. These are great times because technology has come so far over the last ten years, I mean we can see the grass on the field and the thread in the clothing, that’s amazing! Great game to buy.