I know that bicycling tour games have been around for a while now, but this game is not an easy feat or something you can just jump into. I thought, when contacted by the head of Games Xtreme, that I would like to give it a try and see what this game can do, or what it can't do, should I say? As soon as I turned on my console and the game finally started up, I could tell right away that this game had good visual graphics. The landscape is visually stimulating, but other than that, this game is not what I expected.

A bit more about the graphics. They are not bad at all from a far view but get up close and personal with your character and I'm sure that you will find a lot of red flags that give away, this is just another game thrown together quickly to make money. Here is my thing, it takes money to make money, so why throw money away on a video game like this, not knowing you can make your money back. It's a gamble if you ask me. No one said that Focus Home Interactive couldn't do it though. It seems there is a big following for Tours and this is not the first game of its kind, which is news to me. The way your character maneuvers, makes you feel like he has been in a coma for months on end and does not know how to operate smoothly, more like a robot. I do not bash video games, I only give feedback from my experience as a gamer.

I just can't get past a video games maneuvering. It doesn't make sense for it to be have bad maneuvering and be made for a next gen console. I understand that not all studios have money, but this is far below par. It's not even good. To me when a video game is good and makes an impression, for me, it really all comes down to movement. I grew up playing pixelated games with the slow controls etc. so, all I'm saying is if you are going to make a video game on a next gen console, utilize all its abilities and power it has to offer. Isn't that why a lot of AAA game studios are coming to Microsoft? Because of the raw power that the X produces? So why not take advantage of it! That is my thought and my statement on this subject.

As far as customization is concerned, there wasn't much to play around with. You cannot create your own characters and can only play with the characters that the game provides. The customization is also very limited, and you can only change the colors, the team, and the symbol. Not much to be excited about, but enough to get a little creative, which for me is better than nothing. If you like a game that is heavy on customization, you will be hardily disappointed.

Final word, this is not a game that I'd run around bragging about or even suggesting. The graphics are beautiful from a distance as I have said, but what counts for me is the character, bike and customization. Those three subjects need to be sharp and present for me to fall in love or even like. I do not recommend this game to anyone.