The Big N managed to surprise us once again! Our favorite plumber can now dress up as Hariet from the Broodals! And the costume is truly top-notch!

There are two different aspects of this costume - the hat (which costs 3000 coins) and the costume (which will cost you 5000 coins). If you're broke and you don't have enough money, it's time to kick those Goombas' asses!

It's amazing how much new content has been introduced to the Super Mario Odyssey since its initial launch. And the best thing about it is that it feels natural - you don't get the impression that Nintendo is milking the game at all. Other than having a whole range of different cosmetics, we also have some exciting new mini-games. And, we might even get an additional DLC as well!

I guess it's time to replay the whole least one more time.