Another motherboad review today. This time Hardware Extreme have reviewed Biostar's VIA KT133A based board, the M7VKD. Heres a clip:

    "Most motherboards with this chipset have been designed for over clocking and game play, this is not the case with the M7VKD. I realize that a lot of our readers care more about speed and over clocking than stability, but I think of them as equal. I would much rather have a board that is 10% slower but 10% more stable than a board that is faster and less stable. Stability has become so overlooked that random crashes are being accepted by a lot of computer users."

    "I would highly recommend this board to anyone that is going to just use a computer for everyday programs, word programs, internet use, and any other low level business use. I would not recommend this board to a Gamer or to anyone that wants to over clock. This is a great value in a "Value" motherboard. "