We have great news for all Vampyr fans out there - Dontnod Entertainment has announced that their massively successful RPG will get plenty of new content this summer already.

To be more precise, there will be two new game modes introduced to the live game and a couple of amazing optimization fixes. We don't have any info on what those tweaks might include but we will find out in due time.

We will also get a brand new "Story" mode that looks very promising and that will certainly be the first thing that I will try out for myself personally. On top of that, the game will offer a new mode to everyone who likes some good challenge. It will be called, guess what - "Hard" mode. Not very imaginative but it serves its purpose. In this mode, you get fewer XP points from killing your foes and they are much tougher to silence in the first place. So, if you want to be a tough guy (or girl), you need to check this mode out.

We have no actual date as of yet but we expect the developers to announce it pretty soon.

Ever since its initial release on June 5, Vampyr has been a real blast to play. Will these updates make it even better? Time will tell!