The Overclocker Cafe' has just finished up it's review of the Glaciator II heatsink. Here is a snip:

    "We discussed in the opening about sound levels. Millennium Thermal has strapped on a 5,700 RPM fan that moves 29 CFM at 36dBA on the Glaciator II. Not exactly quiet but still a nice decrease from the Hoover like sounds we have to deal with from a Delta. Another point about the fan is that it is enclosed within the heatsink. Most fans are straight forward 60x60x25mm that are screwed on top of the sink. The Glaciator's fan resembles the type of fans seen on a lot of Thermaltake products."

    "Poor contact between the fins and the base can kill a sink's performance. This is why there are so many wildly different results around for the Hedgehog and the Fortis coolers. Some days on the assembly line are better than others. Well, this is not an issue with the Glaciator II. The base and fins are cut from a single piece of copper."