ConcernedApe officially confirmed that the multiplayer update for their super-popular Stardew Valley is going to drop on the first day of August. PC master race will get their versions first while the PS4, Xbox One and Switch players will this update at a later point. PS Vita players, on the other hand, will be left with short sleeves as the update is not coming to this platform. Sadly, life can be very cruel indeed.

As the update suggests, you'll be able to be able to have a blast on your farm with 3 other people at the same time. You can mine, farm, and even marry your friend if you feel like it. A marriage on a farm doesn't sound like a very fun concept but, in this case, we'll give it a go. The chat box will also be improved and we will get some new emojis to spark up a good conversation. We will also be able to modify the difficulty as we wish.

Prepare your crops as things are about to become very exciting!