Regardless of what our favorite plumber is doing, he can't go wrong (or so it seems). He is definitely born under a lucky star! He's a good tennis player as well. Want a proof? Mario Tennis Aces has ranked up as #1 game in the UK for all formats. Nintendo definitely has a good reason to celebrate.

The game was just released on last Friday and it already managed to knock out the previous leader (God of War). Kratos and his son now hold the third spot in the sales charts while Fifa 18 is the runner-up. That's understandable as it's World Cup after all! But, still, even that hype is not enough to beat everyone's favorite plumber. At least in the UK.

This is a very promising start for Mario Tennis Aces and we will see how long will the game be able to keep that spot. Now, excuse me, I will go and eat some mushrooms....oh, by the way, I will play some tennis along the way as well. I want to celebrate this news with style!