Team Sonic Racing is not available yet but it will be out later this year. In the meantime, people from Sega announced more playable racers that will be added to the final roster.

As expected, the (not so) lovable Amy Rose has been confirmed as a playable character. Big the Cat or, in other words, the frog-obsessed fat guy that we know from the original Sonic Adventure will also be added to the list. Lastly, there will be four adorable Chao creatures joining the ride as well.

Here's a short (but informative) Twitter announcement:

The announcement was made during a special livestream that celebrated Sonic's 27th birthday. We also got an adorable anniversary video as well (you can check it out below). Happy birthday to our favorite hedgehog indeed! We hope to see many great games in the future as well.

Team Sonic Racing will be coming out this winterand it's coming to Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC. We are ready for some serious karting. Make them happen Sega!