As The Coalition revealed, Gears 5 has been completely rebuilt for PC. In an interview given to Wired, Rod Ferguson noted that the game will be a true beast when played on PC. The Xbox One X will be amazing as well, that's for sure, but the team is aiming for a 60 FPS at 4k resolution. That's quite ambitious!

Gears of War 4 also looked great on PC but, the truth is, it never actually reached those numbers. As for Gears 5, Ferguson says the following: " It's still reasonably early, but we can usually get to 120fps. It's obviously going to matter what hardware you're using to get that - but it'll be able to scale up that high, [if] the hardware can push it".

We're still far off from the actual game as Gears 5 was only revealed last week. But, we are very excited and we're looking forward to seeing more information in the future! We will keep you covered.