Fancy yourself a literacy buff? Then you might want to give this unique game  a go. With tons of different modes where you can take on friends, or go against another player online, it's head to head to become the king of Scribblenauts. Do not let the childish persona of this have fool you. This game is difficult, I take pride when it comes to my vocabulary, but I got stumped more than a couple times playing this. 


This is not exactly an action game. More of an strategic approach would be the way to go. I mentioned before that I pride myself on my vocabulary skills and cleverness with fitting words together like a puzzle, but here I was faced with literature obstacles that I nearly couldn't climb.  As far as gameplay goes, not much here to describe or brag about. 


On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give Scribblenauts an 8. My very first opinion of the game was loads of frustration. Nobody need make a game so difficult that you wished you wouldn't have spent your money on it. I understand the fact of putting obstacles in a game to create the effect of gratification when you swerve on that obstacle, but making it hard to the point that you have to climb over a 20ft wall with barbed wire and have to watch your back for guards with fully automatic rifles, It's ludicrous.

Final Thought

My goal was not to teach this game, but to give my own personal experience. that being said, I do not recommend this game. Though I love being literate and writing, I do not find this game enjoyable. If you are willing to buy this game and try it out for yourselves, by all means please do.