The struggle and relief

So here we are at year 2 for D2. Something seems all too familiar at this point in the Destiny community. We're witnessing history repeat itself with the whole year 1, year 2 content. A lot of people felt hurt and robbed for our hard earned money with skepticism at its best, we were wondering if we should even pay more money only to be disappointed again. We all witnessed, enjoyed,  got mad and shared our relief with the hits and misses of D1. The Taken King was the pinnacle for us guardians. We were absolutely in love and grateful to Bungie for taking our feedback and utilizing our pleas for change. So there we were, standing United, grinding for gear and so excited to do so. I accumulated so many friends and great memories from the taken King and so forth.

What we were missing in D2

Gun roles were my favorite thing about D1, it made the system unique. It was about grinding all day and all night until you finally got those roles on that badass gun you kept by your side ready to split some hive wigs. With that being said, we absolutely wanted that content. Without roles, the game was just so plain to me. I wanted to go up against other players in the crucible with advantage and surprise, not insipid encounters knowing the other guardian has the same perks as I. Even though some would say that's fair, and it all comes down to skill, I totally agree, but I don't condone to the dullness and what felt like a kick in the balls. 

After spending $100 plus dollars, I was quite upset that the game turned out to be a disappointment. Could Bungie actually top D1? Well, we're going to find out later this year. 

4v4 crucible was also a let down, why have you taken everything that you learned from us guardians in D1 and just throw it off the shelves. Starting all over from scratch was a no go for us. I loved the 6v6. It was stimulating and def gave people more room to get killed and test your crucible skills. 

Raids! Well this is not something I have to dive into so deep. We got the short end of the stick again. The Leviathan felt so simple and slapped together. As if Bungie didn't put much heart into it. Here you go, the final product that you paid for is a bunch of bull s***, enjoy! I did not even finish the raid because I had no real hype for it. I remember going hard for the Taken King. I honed all of my skills, retreating, offense and defense. Anyone that has played D1 knows that you should not be afraid to run away from the gun play if you are caught in a corner. Fleeing was just as important as dealing dps. I did not feel that rush playing the leviathan. 

Guardian community feed back

As I watched the reveal for Forsaken, I was in awe. Though I have high hopes after watching the new content that will be coming, that never stopped Bungie from disappointing me before. I have some skepticism, along with the rest of my gaming community in ChaoS Madhouse Gaming. The feedback I got was basically that everyone is scared to purchase the game content right off the bat. Waiting it out to see how it unfolds is their plan. I don't blame them at all. Why would we expect anything else? Kai and Chris both stated that they don't want to be drawn in by the hype only to be let down again. This says a lot, right? Yes! We want what we want and pay a lot of money for it. Isn't it the community that matters the most? Without a supportive community, you have absolutely nothing to reap from. Lay the seed with good intentions and there shall be glory. Plant it with false hope and lies, expect backlash. The diehard D1 fans know what it takes to "Make Destiny Great Again". So we'll find out if we as a community have barked enough. 

The hype

New weapon system, the idea of using three shotguns at once sound enticing, though I am more of an auto rifle guy myself, not too sure I could use three Auto rifles at once. Not much more was said about equipped weapons other than that. It sounds real cool and the fact that we can customize our weapon load outs is a plus.

Random roles was probably one of my favorite things about Destiny that really kept me interested in grinding. We all know what this means. It means that these D2 diehard fans are going to be pretty upset. I heard so many arguments about how random roles essentially had a way of shifting the balance in pve, but most of all in pvp. There are those that hate the idea of having random roles and they were happy it didn't come to D2. The other half, the ones that thought it was ludicrous to have gotten rid of that content,  are the ones that were crushed on the launch of Destiny 2, because Bungie did not think it necessary to have transferred that content over. Having random roles gives people paranoia because they have no idea what perks you have on your gun. You can have a God role, meaning that the roles that are equipped to the weapon drop are deadly and if utilized right, can be very critical and dangerous when it comes down to how skilled you are. Let the crying and grinding begin!

New Supers have me excited. I main the warlock and his new super looks intense to say the least! For the Hunter, I heard the term "Fire Knives" thrown out. Pretty self explanatory if you ask me. The Hunter reaches around and pulls out knives that are aflame and throws them at the very unlucky guardian in front of them. For the Titan, they explained that when you whip out your hammer and proceed to smash the ground, a trail of flames will fly forward hit the guardians then transform into a tornado of fire. I will say that this is the most exciting for me, the void subclass will be like a real quick disappearing dash that hits multiple guardians then the final act is a bubble of  void explosion around you, like a nova bomb disperses from your body. The arc super for the warlock is basically like one big funnel of arc energy that you release from your hand. It looks so powerful, a game changer for sure. I heard through a friend on Facebook that there will be 9 new supers! Thinking back on the video, I did see multiple supers. Something else we will have to wait and find out. 

Bow and arrow

This bow looks very deadly, I heard references made about long, medium and short range bows. This bow is highly talked about. One guy mentions, hey that's a nice auto rifle you got there, but pew! If your telling me that this now will go head to head with the best of the best of weapons, I'll give it a go. I mean if you can get past or hit before a storm of bullets, your golden. Looking forward to this. 


This game merges PVE and PVP together. This consists of two teams and two separate arenas. The goal is to kill the enemies, gather motes and deposit them in your bank. After storing the motes, the bank should gradually fill up which will then result in locking the other teams bank In order for the other team to win, they must break the blocker. You have barons to defeat. They are the bosses of the arena, your mission, lay them down as quickly as possible. Now, somewhere in between beginning and end, there will be an opportunity that presents itself to go trough a portal, that portal leads to the opposing guardians side. When you are the start laying into them, wreck the other team either with surprise or brutal blatant force. As a lover of PVP and PVE, this seems like a good idea. Again, we will have to wait and see. 

Opinion and shout outs

I have a very good personal outlook and opinion about year 2. The content that is being released, as we all know, should have been out day one. Here we are again it seems, fans are on the fence as Bungie desperately tries to fix all of their mistakes, along with giving the fans what they want. I think this will be a good turn out, others I know are not too sure so they are going to wait it out and see how everything goes. I will be preordering this content as soon as I can. I will be honest with my friend about said content. If it is a bunch of rubbish, then I'll proceed to go about giving my own opinion on whether or not they should make a purchase. 

I would like to give a shout out to the ones kind enough to give their feedback on the Forsaken reveal. 

First and foremost, ChaoS Madhouse gaming and Games Xtreme, thank you guys for everything and all the support. I will be forever grateful to you.

Big thanks to:

Kai Takeshi

Karl Fleet

Darren Pearce

Ben Jones

Chris Cobley

Garry Hodge 

Ivan Osborne 

Carl Gilbert

Ian Morrisey 

Neil Thorpe

Gary Roddie

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