E3 is here and we can expect plenty of exciting news in the days ahead! Actually, they're already here.

The end of Microsoft's E3 presentation was truly a spectacle of its own. The powerhouse has unveiled the official trailer for a new blockbuster in CD Projekt RED's arsenal - Cyberpunk 2077.

The trailer is beyond amazing and I would give anything to play it right now. Sadly, though, we'll have to wait. We don't know how much but hopefully it won't be a lot.

We are introduced to Night City which is, apparently, the worst place to live in the US. Everything is pretty chaotic and we have drugs, violence and poverty everywhere. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun from the perspective of our main protagonist. But for us (the players), it sure is and we are looking forward to seeing everything first-hand. For us, the crazier the setting is, the more fun we will have. And that's really awesome.

If what you've read here clicked with you, you should definitely keep track of this game. You can watch this outstanding trailer down below and gawk at the beauty of it.