Eurogamer have posted up the second half of their big interview with Warrior Kings developer Black Cactus. This part takes a look at sieges, economic warfare and formations amongst other topics. Here's a little taster about sieges:

    "In a lot of games if you want to attack an enemy's building you just send any type of unit up to it and it hacks away at the building until it's destroyed. Now, in Warrior Kings when you start to besiege a city the first thing that happens is that the city gates will be closed by your opponent. Our city walls are strong and no amount of tapping at them with a knight on horseback will bring them down, so it's time for the siege weapons. Trebuchets, Manganels, Bombards, Battering Rams, these are all big specialist weapons designed to knock down city walls and major buildings. Now in the meantime, if you have been sneaky, you would have rolled a few Siege Towers up to the walls at the other rend of the city, and would by now have your troops pouring from the siege towers into your opponent's city causing mayhem."