The World of Tanks fans have every reason to be excited. The next expansion (Mercenaries) will be coming out later this month on Xbox One and PS4. And the expansion will be completely free as well! Hip hip hooray!

Mercenaries will bring a lot of content to the live game and it will also add a new faction, new maps, extra vehicles and a new campaign called "The Heist".

The new tanks are very promising indeed and it will be a pleasure to drive them across so many different battlefields. Five of these gorgeous beasts will be available at launch and the rest will come at a later point.

Speaking of the plot....well, do you really expect any of it in a game like this. The whole thing is happening in an alternate universe and a place where we have nothing but chaos and destruction. It doesn't sound that fun in theory but, as always, things look much better in practice.

The release date for the expansion has been set for June 26. Make sure to check out the teaser as well!