One thing that we really like about Fortnite is that it constantly has new stuff to do. And the developers are doing a great job when it comes to new updates as well. We have to give them that! The latest update introduces a brand new item - The Bouncer. This is a very fun little device that will surely give you a blast (at least in the beginning).

This is a blue pad that you can put on the ground and you can then step on it to start flying! Weeeee! Well, R.Kelly's "I believe I can fly" has got a whole new meaning, I guess.

This is a very nice gameplay addition that will surely add even more diversity to this epic battle royale mashup. We don't know exactly when we are going to see The Bouncer in-game but we are told that it will happen "soon". I guess it can never be soon enough but at least we always have stuff to do in Fortnite so this waiting period should end quickly.

Fortnite is constantly breaking one record after another and, as it appears, we might get a Switch version in the near future as well. One can hope!