As Microsoft have just proudly announced, their zombie-shooting simulation State of Decay got more than 2 million players in less than 2 weeks. Those are some serious numbers!

State of Decay 2 was released on both Xbox One and PC on May 22 and it already got quite a playerbase. At the same time, the number of zombies that the players managed to kill is also increasing as we speak. The last time it was reported, 675 million zombies were sent into eternal nothingness. But now we are already talking about billions here. The number of community stories is also on the rise (more than 120 000 stories have been reported) and, according to Microsoft, the players tend to survive for up to 3 days on average.

And that's not all yet. Microsoft have promised to improve the game in the following weeks and we might see some additional patches and content updates. I really hope that we get as many of them as possible (and as soon as possible too).

You still haven't joined this zombie-slaughtering fest? What are you waiting for?