The rumors were pretty strong for quite some time now but it's been officially confirmed! Assassin's Creed Odyssey has been confirmed by Ubi and, supposedly, we will get more info at this year's E3. Raise your champagnes Assassins, we all deserved it.

And just before we got this confirmation, we actually had a legit leak beforehand. A keyring with the logo for this upcoming title was seen in the public. It was such an obvious giveaway that I actually think it was done on purpose. You know, just to get the hype up.

We also had plenty of speculations about Greece being the next destination for the AC universe and it turned out those were correct as well. We will definitely go to the glorious Ellada! Now, some of those speculations also say that the game will come out in 2019. Judging to the previous confirmations, these whispers could be true as well.