As Lince Works announced Aragami: Shadow Edition will be released on June 5. The same thing will happen with the Nightfall DLC as well.

Aragami: Shadow Edition is an extension of the original game. Not only does it include the original game, but it also includes the additional content too (Nightfall is just a part of the whole bundle). If you don't have the original Aragami, this is a great opportunity to grab both the core game and the Nightfall DLC. And, if you already have it, you can just grab Nightfall as a standalone product.

The plot of Aragami focuses on a powerful assassin who is capable of delivering some truly nasty blows. There are 13 unique (and difficult) to go through in order to complete the main story but you can also bring your friend along with you as the game has a co-op support too.

Aragami: Shadow Edition will come to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on June 5 (as we noted above). Make sure to check out this gameplay video as well: