As the folks from Neat Corporations have reported, their upcoming VR stealth baby will finally see the light of the day this week - or Thursday if we want to be more precise. If you already own a headset, you are definitely in for a blast and if not...well, prepare to get one as it will definitely be worth it.

The plot focuses on a worker from a company called "TransCorp". In the beginning, you will just do your casual everyday duties but, soon after that, things will become much trickier. In order to cut the costs, the company is making robots that are supposed to take over people's jobs so, having that in mind, it's just a matter of time before you get sacked as well. Now you will finally have an excuse for hanging out around the office instead of being glued to your desk. After all, you have some robots to kill!

You'll be able to buy the game for $30 on both Steam and Oculus Rift. Only the Steam page is active for now but you can expect that the Oculus Rift counterpart will be there as well very soon.

This is certainly a title worth checking out if not for anything else then purely for the sweet VR mechanics. Make sure to check out this release trailer too: