World War Z is (yet another) zombie-shooting action mayhem that awaits us down the road and the people behind it have put up the official gameplay trailer to showcase the gore that we can expect.

As you might anticipate, the game has quite a big "Walking Dead" vibe but it appears that we also have some "twists" as well which is always nice to see. You won't face just one or two nasty undead down the road but hordes of them at one point! It sounds scary, it looks scary and you can bet it really is scary.

As we can see in this dark and chilling trailer, you are one of the survivors looking to make your way out of this hellhole alive. Oh yes, and the plot is set in what appears to be some sort of a post-apocalyptic (you can actually remove the prefix) version of Russia and there's blood, blood, and even more blood down the streets. Seriously, what else can you expect from a zombie-shooter?

The release date is still to be announced but we know that the game will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC at some point (hopefully) in the near future. You can gawk at the trailer in the meantime right here: