Yarr, ladies and gentleman! We finally have a release date set for the upcoming patch that is coming to Sea of Thieves - The Hungering Deep. As Rare announced, the patch will be rolling to both Xbox One and PC as well. And the date is set for May 29.

You are probably aware already but let's make a short recap nonetheless. The Hungering Deep is the first out of 6 updates in total that will be coming to the live game by the end of the year. This will also be the update that will set the standards for all the future patches as well. When it comes to the innovations, we don't know too much but we do know that we will get some gameplay mechanics and rewards which is....enough for now, I guess.

But, don't feel sad, we do have the official gameplay teaser! It's as "pirate-ish" and wondrous as you may expect. A pirate called Merrick is talking about " tales of ships mysteriously vanishing into the depths and sightings of something impossible" as well as the "great terrors from the deep". This guy really wants us excited!

Make sure to log in on May 29 for more epic open sea adventures.