Our favorite PUBG is just as popular on the mobile platform as it is popular on the consoles and PC. It follows the same tradition and it keeps breaking one record after another. Right now, we can add that the game is having an impressive count of 10 million players on a daily basis. What a number!

Oh yeah, if you were wondering, this number doesn't include the Chinese players. So, that fact alone makes this record look even more supreme.

The mobile version of the game is nothing less superior really. It works just as perfectly and it's getting the same updates as well. So, in case you were wondering, you are not missing out on anything if you decide to stick around with the mobile version.

That's not all yet! There are a couple more interesting milestones that we have to add here. Did you know that the players have run the equivalent to 166 000 times around the world? And did you know that the survival period is 14.2 minutes on average? Yep, that's what the stats say! Also, the average kill distance is 39 meters while the most landed spot is Pochinki. Simply amazing!

If you didn't give PUBG a try on your mobile, now is the time to do it. It will be a blast, believe me!