All the fans of Square Enix's response to World of Warcraft have been waiting for an update regarding the upcoming patch and it's finally here. As Square Enix announced, patch 4.3 is going to add a whole bunch of new and unique quests for you play through.

At the same time, we are also getting some new scenario missions, side-quests and a new Alliance Raid as well (24-man raid that is).

Another thing that is really exciting (and that will certainly be praised by everyone who likes a good challenge) is that we are also going to see a new dungeon, a new trial, the Ultimate Difficulty Raid and even some Beast Tribe Quests (that focus on the Disciples of Land and Hand).

Make sure to check out the full information about the patch on the official website. Patch 4.3 will be live next week (on May 22) and it will come to both PC and PS4. Don't miss out on this truly wonderful teaser either: