It's never boring with PUBG! No matter if we are getting some new updates or if something else changes, the action is always happening! The Savage map recently got a new name and it's now known as Sanhok. What is that? Well, basically, in Thai it means "fun" while in Filipino it actually means (guess what) - chicken. So, if I told that you that chickens were an inspiration for this name, I wouldn't really make a mistake.

And yeah, the chicken theme has sense as well as we can see that chicken dinners are served to everyone who comes out alive from the 100-player battle royale madness so, I guess, we shouldn't be too surprised.

We were also told that Sanhok will come out in the next couple of months and, at the same time, you will be able to have some fun with it during the (beta) test session this week. You can also pick up your copy of the teaser if you're playing the game on your PC starting from tomorrow (7:00 PM PDT is the exact time).

We're excited to see what the devs have in store for us next and there's no doubt that we will keep you updated.