A brief but very insightful teaser has been put up and, as things are standing right now, we will see Konami officially announcing PES 2019 and giving us some actual info on the game itself. Hip hip hooray!

That being said, some particular outlets already leaked certain details about this game but we are still waiting for the official news nonetheless. If we were about to go into more details, it should be noted that PES 2019 was already listed on the Hong Kong Playstation Store (at this point, however, it's deleted) and we basically got a (pre)confirmation that the game will be launched on August 30 and it will also include full 4K support as well as a rehashed concept of MyClub. And yeah, Resettera also published the same info via their own internal sources.

I can't wait to find out more information about the upcoming PES. I also hope that it will be up to the task and a decent rival to FIFA. We need this healthy rivalry to make these franchises grow and (at the same time) fill our hearts with endless joy! As always, we will keep you covered.