We always love rumors! Especially when they turn out to be true. Anyway, the latest one comes from JeuxVideo and, according to their sources, Nier: Automata is set for an Xbox One release.

These rumors are also backed up by Window Central as well so, even though nothing is officially confirmed, we could see that happening nonetheless.

As you probably know already, Nier: Automata was initially released on PC and PS4 back in early 2017. The plot is set in the distant future and we get to see (and experience) the epic clash between humans (or what's left of them anyway) and machines. As a player, you take control of an android and its minions and it's your objective to survive this hellhole. It's hard to define the genre here really but we could say that this is a hybrid that combines action, adventure and RPG elements but we can still safely conclude that we are talking about an action RPG nonetheless.

If you missed out on the game, now is the right time to pick it up and experience it in its full glory. And if these rumors turn out to be true indeed, well....even better!