Thank you to Microsoft and as always, Games Xtreme and the Madhouse members. Thanks for all the support.


You land on paradise island to find your companion and friend, Pinky. Pinky will help you along the way with your journey to repaint the world. Comrade Black has sucked the color out of everything he touched. As a Blob you can soak up color like a sponge. You will come across Transformation engines, they transform that area of the map back to the original state before Comrade Black showed up. Before you can activate the engine, you must add a dash of color to various things, thus opening the path to completing that part of the map. Style pickups grants you the ability to add a little creativity and funk to items you color by adding designs.


This game is cool. I only wish my daughter was old enough to play it with me. It reminds me a lot of Spyro. The bright and colorful land, with the cartoonish looking designs. This game may not be for everyone, but I am still a kid at heart. Your main goal is to find pools of color, soak it up and jump and touch objects that have been bleached. Pinky is by your side telling you what to do and giving you suggestions, if you wanted a second player could act as Pinky. Look for hidden items and secret entrances. I found a boat on the water, I go over and check it out to find yet another item. So, keep your eyes peeled. If you happen to land in water it will wash your color away, don't fret, there are color pools everywhere. Just jump back on the wagon and continue to color the world.


These graphics are mediocre. Though that did not take away from the fun I had playing this game. I quite enjoyed it. The music with the colorful graphics is sure to put you in a good mood.