There were many speculations and (wild) guesses but now we finally have a clue on what to expect from the latest Overwatch map. It's going to be set in the beautiful Italian town of Venice!

The map is called "Rialto" and you can quickly tell how beautiful it is just by looking at these loading images already. The map functions like a classic PvP Payload map and it's just as exciting as it looks, we promise! This is the exact location where the notable Venice Incident happened. Following that event, the government pushed a series of regulations in order to preserve the traditional architecture that the city is well-known for as well as the (just as notable) waterways.

So, as this map, in particular, is an Overload map, you already know what you can expect from it. You will be roaming around the entire place while also keeping an eye on the Payload (doesn't matter if you are trying to protect it and/or take possession of it). You won't have time to explore the entire place as a tourist as, you know, people will try to shoot you down. So, be extra careful at all times!

Make sure to log in to experience this map right now but also check out the video below for more details as well.