Two of the most anticipated games for quite some now are Half-Life 3 (*cough*) and Beyond Good & Evil 2. The first one....well, we doubt we will see it (or at least not for a very long time) but, according to the latest live stream from Ubisoft, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is much more realistic and it will some point.

What we saw during the stream looks really promising - you'll be able to play as both the human character and the animal hybrid (of course, diversity in races and genres is taken into account as well). You will also use different kinds of spacecraft to travel between different planets and, on top of that, you will also be able to use some truly fancy-looking jetpacks as well.

Speaking of combat, that's where the whole thing becomes even more amusing. Aside from the basic attacks, you can also annihilate your foes directly via your spacecraft. From a standard viewpoint, you will not use your bare fists to deal with your opponents, you will have a very useful staff that will be helpful regardless of your favorite combo.

We should also add that Ubi have confirmed that this game will actually be a prequel to the original game and, not only that, but one of the trademarks from the first game (snapshots, of course) will be present in this one as well. Now we have one more reason to be super-excited!

There are no signs of the game coming out any time soon but at least we know that the development is well underway and we can expect to see more info in the future as well. And, as always, your favorite gaming website will keep you updated!