The original Aragami was released on both PC and PS4 but, the developers from Lince Works are planning to rehash the whole concept and bring some new life to it. There are two important aspects to mention here - Aragami: Shadow Edition will be available on Xbox One (for the first time ever!) and it will also be available (once again) on both PS4 and PC as well.

That being said, not only that this release will include the original game, it will also include the latest expansion (Nightfall) as well as all the (currently) available DLC packs for only £ 20 (roughly). So, not only that Xbox One folks will now have the chance to experience Aragami in its full glory for the first time on their console, people who already played it on either PS4 and/or PC will also have a damn good reason to (re)play the game once again.

As we noted already, Aragami was initially released on PC and PS4 back in 2016 and the plot focuses on a powerful ninja who is very capable of silencing his foes while they are completely unaware of his presence. So, basically, Assassin's Creed-style but even better. You will be fighting against various mercenaries coming from Army of Light and, at the very end, you will experience an epic battle against the powerful yet distinct spirit called Yamiko.

Don't miss out on the announcement trailer either!