Dark Souls Remastered is almost ready for shipping and, at the same time, we are equally ready to die. Well, not really actually but we don't have much of a choice in this case. Anyway, as Bandai Namco reported, the upcoming network test in Dark Souls Remastered can do some truly mind-blowing stuff. You can "hack" other people's games for instance. You will be able to do that as soon as the test session goes live next week (and that applies to both PS4 and Xbox One Players). Switch players will also get their taste of it but at a later point since the game has been postponed in that particular case.

Other than that, you will also be able to use the Undead Parrish location to summon your partners as well. At this point, we can add that you can already download the client for the network test feature and, while the Xbox One players need to have their Xbox Live accounts registered, the PS4 players don't need their PlayStation Plus membership. The client will be downloadable until May 8 and the test sessions will be active between May 11 (2:00 AM BST) until May 12 (7:59 AM BST).

You can start preparing for a long-term misery already as when the Remastered hits these two consoles on May 29 and Switch at some point during the summer...there's no turning back anymore.