Through the woods is a horror game inspired by the Norse elements and it was developed by Antagonist for PC (you might know this already but we need an intro for people who are unfamiliar with the game). But, as it was announced right now, it will crave its way onto the consoles as well. To be more precise, it will be available on both Xbox One and PS4 in the next couple of days already. The game was developed by using the highly praised Unity engine and it was quite a success so, logically, it was just a matter of time when it would be announced for the consoles as well.

The plot is set in Norway and you will be observing the development from the perspective of an envious mother who is rushing "through the woods" in order to find her son. Obviously, this isn't just any type of woods that we are talking about, these lands are actually a home of many monstrosities who happen to come out during the night and walk unchecked. So, as you could imagine, the mother will have some nasty demons to kill first.

The game will be available on Xbox One starting from tomorrow already and it will also be available on PS4 starting from May 4.