As EA Sports have just announced, the latest version of the most popular soccer simulation will be getting a Free World Cup update and it will roll out next month. Perfect timing, no doubt about that! Of course, this update will be available on all popular platforms (Xbox One, Switch, PS4 and PC).

As a true World Cup mode, you will be able to take over a particular team and lead it all the way to the grand final in Moscow. Of course, this won't be just a regular update as you will get a whole new exclusive (and licensed) content like the official kits, stadiums, teams and even the official trophy and the official ball of this year's World Cup as well. You'll also be able to tackle the online tournament and online friendlies if you wish to take a break from the standard competition. At the same time, you will also be able to make your own World Cup if you wish to do that. Isn't that amazing?

Make sure to grab the update as soon as it hits the live game (and that will be on May 29 for consoles and June 6 for mobile devices). Make sure to check out the official trailer as well: