Rare has become really great when it comes to releasing the updates for Sea of Thieves and patch 1.0.5 is no exception really. The latest patch is bringing some new fixes as well as some fresh updates to chuckle through.

The biggest innovation worth mentioning is a brand new Message from the Beyond that will allow you to wreck those damn ships with a bit more fashion. At the same time, the ammo crates got some updates as well and you will be able to handle them much easier than before. Among other updates, we should add that the UI also got some nice improvements so not only that it will look better, some of the elements will also load faster too.

Some of the bugs that will hopefully be fixed with the latest update include a notable one where both the Bounty Quest Skeletons and the Skeleton Fort had incorrect spawns. At the same time, we should also expect to see the "famous" sky ship bug ironed out as well. Kraken also got some modifications so, if you're curious to try them out first hand, now is the right time to log in.

So many exciting things are happening in Sea of Thieves right now but, as always, we will make sure to give you an update on the most important ones. That's not enough though, you need to try them on your own as well. But we believe that you already do that...hopefully.