Another week and another set of tweaks and updates is ready to hit the live servers. This time, the developers plan to incorporate some weapon changes for the PC version. I know, I know, we all hope for some significant buffs but, at the same time, we hope that our favorite weapons won't be nerfed.

What we know for sure is that not a single firearm will be better than the other. As it was officially reported, your weapon choice should be a matter of personal preference and not the actual statistics.

On top of that, the attachments will be getting some minor tweaks so you should be able to have a wider choice when choosing the one that suits your playstyle the most. This should (yet again) be your own personal and individual decision.

Level 3 helmet is also up for some modifications and you will only be able to obtain it by getting the care packages. Remember, this is a helmet that will basically protect you from getting a fatal headshot wound and the devs don't want the RNG to be the determining factor here.

Many new stuff is also on the way for all players (including the console players as well) and we will make sure to keep you updated accordingly.