Coming straight from Onebitbeyond and Devolver Digital, we take a look at a title that seemingly came out of nowhere and steals the show without a second thought.

The Swords of Ditto is the story of a quest to save the land from the evil Mormo through a series of reincarnations bringing you to the present. Your task is to rid of the threat and keep your wonderful village with its amazing inhabitants safe from harm.

Beautifully put together, Ditto is crafted down to the tiniest of detail, creating an utter feast for the eyes. The animations are so lovely and fit the mechanics perfectly; giving a little chill up the spine every time I swing my sword in reminiscence of Link from Zelda. There's no mistaking that the art is something to truly behold in this title, and I wouldn't put it past being a big reason this game is going to sell many copies. The good-guy NPCs are adorable, the monsters are adorable and everything in between, such as the town, surroundings, landscape--it's all ridiculously adorable.

Despite the light cartoony style, The Swords of Ditto is a lot harder than it looks. By all means, it looks like a simple game made for children, but the perma-death and challenging difficulty make this a game a heck of a lot harder than it seems. Each monster needs to be approached in a different manner: they have weaknesses, strengths and plenty of gimmicks. It's a nice way to keep the player on their toes, and provide plenty of diversity in combat.

The best part about The Swords of Ditto in my opinion, is the Co-op. Built in a drop-in fashion, you and your mates can trudge along to keep the evil at bay. Have you died? No worries! One of your mates can opt to bring you back to life, but with penalty of it stealing their own. A pleasant mechanic to have, but an ever-mindful reminder of the game's no-nonsense approach to dungeon crawling. Undoubtedly a blast to play on your own, with that much more added with a friend.

There's so much to look at and take in with this title. It's refreshing in a way that I don't think cartoon releases have been in quite some time. The atmosphere, boards and characters are so lovely and unique that you never really feel like you're being constantly shuffled through recycled tiles. As a gamer, I can think of a few ways to pleasantly save the world from evil, and The Swords of Ditto would be in the top five without question. It poses a tough difficulty (adjustable) for the more seasoned players, so buyer beware if you think you'll be getting a cakewalk of an action RPG.