The legendary jRPG, Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness is getting a remake and it will be released on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch this year. That is what NiS America announced and confirmed at the same time.

The game will be packaged as "Disgaea 1 Complete" and it will hit the western market this fall. It will include all the core mechanics that the original release had but it will also include a number of improvements that should make this particular release stand "toe to toe" with the latest game in the series (Disgaea 5). And we will also get some new characters that were not present in the initial release. Pretty cool, isn't it?

You will have the option to grab the standard bundle and/or a special bundle called "Rosen Queen's Finest Edition". That version will ship for $99.99 and it will include plenty of bonus content alongside the main game. So, if you're an enthusiast who loves to collect additional merchandise, this is something that you will absolutely love. And you can already get your copy right now but, be warned, it will be up for only a limited time period!

We are very enthusiastic about this remake and we are ready to throw in a ton of hours into it! Bring it on!