Madmind Studio have just announced when we can expect their epic survival-horror adventure called "Agony" (the name does suggest that this adventure will not be a pleasant one) to arrive. Agony will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC and the release date has been set for May 29.

The plot of "Agony" big agony as well. You will take control of a doomed entity originating from the very depths of hell itself. Your alter-ego has no memories whatsoever and the only way to escape from this chaotic environment is to reach the so-called "Red Goddess". But, as you may guess, that will not be easy at all, as all kinds of fiends and monstrosities will be jumping on your back (it's hell after all!). And, that's not all, you will also have to use your brain cells (or what's left of them after this torture anyway) to solve some unique and truly challenging puzzles along the way as well. It sure sounds like a true agony to me at least!

This whole idea started out as a Kickstarter project a little more than a year ago and it quickly got enough funding to become a full-blown project as well. We have many reasons for optimism when it comes to this title as the development team includes some real experts who worked on iconic games such as The Division and even the cult The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

While waiting for Agony to come out, you can relive the pain by watching the video below: