As you may know already, Team17 and Villa Gorilla are working on a colorful pinball-driven odyssey called Yoku's Island Express. We know that the game was in development for some time already but now we also have the release date as well. The game will ship on May 29 and it will be fixed at £15.99.

This game promises great fun really. And in a whole new and unique way as well! You are a tiny beetle named Yoku and you are chilling around as a postmaster on a wondrous island called Mokumana. Your main goal (as a player) is to....well, explore this enormously rich setting. And that is when we get to see all these interesting in-game mechanics first-hand. The game is a nice mash-up of basic exploration elements, platforming elements as well as the open-world pinball elements (obviously, these are the most dominant ones). Not only that you have this "main quest" to conquer, you will also have various side-quests to complete, you will meet many different (and equally unique) characters along the way and you will also have a lot of diversity when it comes to collectible items as well. Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

Yoku's Island Express will be hitting Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC and it will be released in a digital form. While waiting for the game to come out, I highly recommend you to check out the video below: