What was long speculated by many people is now finally confirmed. Croteam have officially announced the next Serious Sam game and it will be titled as "Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass". A truly "badass" name indeed! The game was announced during the Reboot Develop conference and, as it was stated, it's already in development.

Other than the official teaser (yes, you can see it right here), we don't have plenty of info right now but we can expect to see and find out more at this year's E3. That is when we should expect to get a good overview of what to expect from the Sam's latest blood-spilling odyssey.

Serious Sam (as a franchise) has quite a back-story already. The very first game was launched back in 2001 and, even though not many people expected the release to be successful, it quickly became a very recognizable name that "sucked in" both the fans of FPS games in general and people who love to.........well, blast everything along the way. It really isn't strange that Serious Sam managed to find a common language with both of these groups (and other people as well) and, as you can see, the legacy is very realistic!

While waiting for more information on Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass, make sure to watch this (equally) "badass" trailer to prepare yourself properly: