According to the inside sources from VentureBeat, DICE is working to include the insanely popular Battle Royale mode to the upcoming Battlefield V. If this really turns out to be true, we can expect a similar degree of epicness that we can experience in 2 most popular games in the world right now - PUBG and Fortnite.

That being said, there is one tiny digression to be noted here. Namely, even though DICE is (apparently) doing their best to implement this mode into the live game, it's not guaranteed that it will really happen in the end. It's kind of like a "race against time" so, while a great effort is being put to make this happen, time itself is very limited and that alone raises the question whether this goal will be actually be accomplished at the end.

Even if that doesn't happen, however, we could still get the Battle Royale mode after all. It may roll out as a free update, a DLC, patch.......or, who knows, it may even become a separate game as well.

What's also worth noting is that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is going to drop the single-player campaign and it will replace it with its own version of Battle Royale as well. So, this just raises the chances of that happening in this case as well.

We will keep our eyes open and we will update you accordingly.