Starting from April 13, you can pick up the anticipated football manager simulation directly via the Switch eShop.

As usual, what you can (and should) expect from a typical football manager is found here as well. You are a young and ambitious coach/team manager looking to make a name for himself/herself and establish a career that will make even the best managers of today feel ashamed. There are 50 different teams that you can choose from and, once you pick your favorite one, you can immediately start composing your ideal squad. You can initiate transfers and sell players that you are not counting on. You also have access to a huge database where you can see many specific details about each and every player, their preferred playstyle and much more. That will ultimately help you decide which player is the most suitable choice for a particular match.

And, of course, a true football manager game would be nothing if we didn't have the option to actually lead the matches ourselves. You can choose the basic (as well as the little more advanced) tactics, the formation, you can give out team instructions and you can even jump straight into the specific single-player experience where you can observe the match from your own perspective with a little help of 3D Match Engine running on your Switch.

The team is very optimistic about this game and this is what the Studio Director of Sports Interactive had to say: "This is a milestone release for Football Manager. This is our first console release in a number of years, but it is also our most innovative release of Football Manager Touch to date thanks to the various control methods we've included that gives everyone a way of playing Football Manager that suits them". Even though I am not really a fan of any sports games, I gotta say, this did get me pumped up a little.

If you are a Switch owner and if this info got you excited as well, you can pick up the game for only £29.99. A really low entry point to becoming a top football manager. If it was only that easy in real life as well...