We've been waiting for the release date of the newest Spider-Man game and, it's finally in front of us! As Sony and Insomniac Games both announced, our dear Spidey will be jumping around our PS4 starting from September 7 (and that goes for both the UK and the US).

As we might expect, this will be one hell of a ride for our Peter Parker. He's much more experienced now but so are his foes who appear to be learning from their defeats. The game will (once again) focus on Spider-Man's attempts to solve all crimes in the criminal-infested New York City. Big Bad Martin Li (also known as Mister Negative) will be the main bad guy of the game alongside his nefarious organization called "Inner Demons".

There are also 3 different versions of the game that you can get - Standard Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition and the Collector's Edition. The Standard Edition will only include the base game whereas the Digital Deluxe Edition will add The City That Never Sleeps missions as well. At the same time, the Collector's Edition will also add a whole range of different physical additions like the steelbook, the art book, a mini-figure of Spider-Man, etc.

So, make sure to grab your costumes already as New York awaits you!