Regardless of how many nasty grunts we have yet to shoot down, we just can't get enough of Call of Duty WWII and that is a fact. Just now, as we speak, a smashing teaser for the upcoming DLC (The War Machine) has been released by Activision. The impressions? It's even better than we expected!

The War Machine will be released on April 10 (on PS4) and it will have a heavy focus on multiplayer (as one would expect anyway). We will get to see two brand new maps (Egypt and Dunkirk), the continuation of the Nazi Zombies campaign (we can't wait to see how that rolls out as well), as well as War Operation Husky. But that's not the end of innovations in this DLC, we should also expect to see the addition of dogfighting. This is the feature that I am mostly looking forward to here. Seeing all this mashup of artillery coming from all sides will surely get our hearts pumping.

Get ready for April 10 as Call of Duty WWII is still alive and kicking. We should also note that the DLC will come to PC and Xbox in May, just after the exclusivity period ends on PS4. Until then, enjoy watching this amazing trailer: